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in an ongoing and daily basis. it has to be clearly defined and well monitored. if done properly, this can be an extraordinary opportunity for the housing market, particularly in communities that are distressed. >> thank you. i want to remind everyone that there are materials in the back. folks of various groups. choose who you want to talk to. february 1, we will have our next house panel on the question of down payment. we will start looking at the first time homebuyers and what going on out there. i want to thak that -- thank the panel. it was very fun. we hope to have you back here soon. thank you for coming. [applause] >> after meeting with
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afghanistan president karzai, president obama used his weekly address to talk about the role of the has played in preparing afghan troops to take full charge of army by the spring of 2014. and the newly sworn in senator gives a public address. >> hi, everybody. this week i welcomed resident karzai to the white house to discuss the way ahead in afghanistan. today i want to update you on how we will end this war, bring our troops home, and continue to rebuilding america. over the past four years, we have dealt devastating blows to al qaeda. we pushed the taliban out of their strong holds. the reason they went to war in the first place is now within reach. we want to ensure that al qaeda
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can never again use afghanistan to launch attacks against america. the 33 thousand additional forces that i ordered served with honor. they completed their mission. they returned last fall. this week we agreed that in spring afghan forces will take the lead across their country and our troops will shift to a supporting role. in the coming months, i will announce the next phase of our drawdown. this progress has been possible because of the heroic sacrifices of our troops and diplomats. alongside forces from many nations. or than half one million americans have served in afghanistan. thousands have been wounded. more than 2000 have given their lives. this remains a very difficult mission. the work ahead will not be easy.
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our forces are still in harms way. make no mistake. our path is clear. we are moving forward. after more than a decade of war, the nation that we need to rebuild is our own. as we do, we need to take care of our troops and veterans who fought in our name. we have to grow our economy entering our deficit. we need to great new jobs and boost family incomes. we have to protect our planet from the destructive effects of climate change. we need to protect our children from the horrors of gun violence. these will be difficult goals for america, but they must be met. if we could have the fraction of the termination of the men and women in, i know that we can meet them. i tend to work hard to make sure that we can. thank you. >> hello.
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i'm proud to represent the state of nebraska in the u.s. senate. i have traveled thousands of miles all across nebraska meeting with leaders and citizens to learn about their views and share my position on issues. during that time, i heard a single message over and over again -- washington must cut out of control spending. i agree. the american people are right to expect more accountability from their government. i recently saw a poll that three out of four americans support spending cuts across the boards. these hard-working taxpayers are tired of petty battles. they are frustrated with the lack of progress in their elected leaders. in 2009, the president pledged to cut the annual deficit in half but the end of his first term. instead, we have seen four straight years of trillion
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dollar deficits and national debt exceeding $16 trillion. rather than cutting waste list spending, the federal government added $4 billion each day to our gross national debt. this path is not sustainable. i support a more limited government that is focused on fulfilling its court duties and responsibilities. only then can we identified the national priorities were the of taxpayer funding. the constitution clearly states that the top right your the for congress is to provide for the common defense. despite this duty, nearly one trillion dollars in critical national security funding is scheduled to be dangerously cut from the defense budget over the next decade. all become some leaders in washington cannot get their priorities straight. as a member of the senate armed services committee, i 100%
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committed to both reducing spending and made it my obligation to defend this nation. it is equally important to uphold america's promises to active duty service members. they have risked life and limb in defense of our nation. keeping faith with these brave americans is more than our responsibility, it is our honor to do so. it is no secret that to cut spending, we might -- must find ways to reduce the cost of social security, medicare, and medicaid. they are the primary drivers of our national debt. we need to do so in a way that keeps promises to american seniors, retirees, and those nearing retirement age. that is not a point for debate. in order to save these popular programs, we must reform than. if not, they will no longer
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exist for future generations. it will bankrupt us in the meantime. there is a general consensus that congress must explore ways to act on entitlements, but there is little agreement on a way forward. there are few credible solutions that have been put on the table. as the 113th congress begins, i challenge my colleagues to offer substandard ideas for real reform. -- significant ideas for real reform. this demands strong leadership from the president and leaders of congress. without making hard decisions, america will never rein in their spending or achieve a balanced budget. the president will soon ask on this to raise the nation's debt limit again. i believe that we cannot agree to increase the borrowing limit without addressing our out of control spending. that is why the brusca sent me
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here. that is -- nebraskans sent me here. that is what our children and grandchildren deserve. it is time for serious action. no more kicking the can down the road. number using the threat of middle-class tax hikes to force last-minute dealmaking. -- no more using the threat of middle-class tax hikes to force last-minute dealing. tax increases barely pay for a few days of government spending. of all my years of public service, i have never had constituents asked me to raise their taxes. the problem is not at the american people are taxed too little. it is the fact that the government spends too much. i might be new to washington, but i'm no stranger to making tough traces. i'm honored to serve the people of nebraska. i stand ready to work with the
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president and my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to tighten watching tod's belt and cut spending. our economy and -- tighetning our nation's belt and cut spending. together we can do this. thank you and god bless the united states of america. >> our guests on "washington journal" is steve clemens and gary schmitt. ruchir sharma will discuss his book "breakout nations." "washington journal" live on c- span. >> this weekend on "

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